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The Clear Choice: For Any Application

TruCHAT is the most powerful and versatile conversational bot platform available. It's both a chatbot and live chat system that's completely integrated to allow live takeover of chatbot conversations. Featuring unique multichannel chatbot technology, TruCHAT lets a single chatbot work across all your Web and social media channels as well as on any device with no changes! Great lead management, mobile apps, & management tools make TruCHAT the right solution for any business.

Partner Program With Free Developer Account

Our partner program is geared for independent Web developers, designers, agencies, and others who want to build powerful conversational bots for their customers and clients. Learn more about the TruCHAT partner program here.

Artificial Intelligence

TruCHAT uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, including natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). This makes it possible for your TruCHAT chatbots to intelligently respond to user questions. Build your FAQ right into your chatbot to increase customer engagement!

Scripted Flows AND AI

TruCHAT lets you build chatbots that incorporate both scripted flows and AI. This allows your chatbots to control the flow of the conversation to, for example, collect leads, as well as to respond to questions or other utterances a user may type in. Your chatbot can even respond to a user's question by running a script! Scripts can be triggered by a wide range of conditions and events, such as time on page, waiting for agent, new visitor, and more.

Live Chat With Routing

TruCHAT features powerful live chat in addition to its chatbot system. Live chat in TruCHAT incorporates a powerful agent routing system to route chats to agents based on their work schedules, skill set, etc. You can even route to a chatbot just as if it were a real person. For example, route chats to Mary or John during the workday, and to the chatbot after hours.

Multichannel Chatbot Deployment

This amazing TruCHAT feature lets you build chatbots that will work on any website AND Facebook, Twitter, Slack & other channels with no changes. So, build and maintain a single chatbot that works across all your channels!

Leads & Support Ticket Management

TruCHAT captures leads from your chatbots and reports these through its administration dashboard and mobile app. Export leads to your CRM, send automated emails using TruVisibility Email Marketing, or other app. Generate support tickets from chats and manage ticket status. Plus, analytics and additional reporting.

Dedicated Mobile Apps

The TruCHAT mobile app for iOS and Android lets your users monitor chatbot AND live chat sessions right from their phones!. Plus, users can take over chatbot sessions in progress, view leads, chat histories, tickets & more.

Visual Flow Builder

With TruCHAT's visual flow builder, your chatbots can be built in hours, not days or weeks as with other platforms. And, no coding is required. We incorporated time-saving features like templates, scripts, rich content components, drag & drop, and our smart chatbot validator learn more.

Plus So Much More!

TruCHAT For True Engagement

Visitors Turn Into Leads, Leads Become Customers, Customers Stay Loyal, Businesses Start Being Profitable, Everyone Wins.

Lead Generation

Capture more leads than ever by using TruCHAT's rich media and data capture capabilities instead of intimidating your visitors with long forms to fill out. You can deliver your eBooks and other lead magnets right in the chat conversation.

Lead Capture Chat From TruCHAT.io

Schedule Demos

Automatically qualify and schedule sales calls and product demos while presenting the best information through TruCHAT that warms up the prospect so they are ready to close.

TruCHAT schedule demo chat window

Product Sales

Use TruCHAT's powerful presentation features to showcase your best products and services in a custom presentation that flows from the customer's stated needs and close the customer right then and there.

TruCHAT product selling chat window

Brand Building

Introduce your brand to your visitors through a TruCHAT two way conversation that the visitor can dig in as deep as they want and in the direction that most interests them.

TruCHAT brand building chat window

Subscriber Growth

Use TruCHAT to introduce and convince your visitors to subscribe, like or share your social media, blog or newsletters.

TruCHAT subscriber growth chat window

Customer Support

Make available to your customers 24 hour/7 day a week support through Frequently Asked Questions and support ticket submission. Solve most customer issues immediately without any additional labor costs.

TruCHAT customer support chat window

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