TruCHAT on Your Website

Integrating TruCHAT chatbots with your site is very simple

3 Ways to Present Bots on Your Website

TruCHAT gives you three great ways to add the power of conversational marketing to your website. Your website can incorporate an unlimited number of specialized chatbots. You can use any chatbot on multiple pages or sections on a page. On-Page, In-Page, and Full-Page integrations allow you to place your chatbot where it will deliver the best results.

On-Page Chatbots

TruCHAT lets you present a chatbot or live-chat on your website as a pop-up over your existing page content. The pop-up can be positioned at the top or bottom of your page and aligned left, center or right.

The TruCHAT pop-up can be triggered to open from a link, or automatically based on a trigger condition. Trigger conditions include time on page, time on site, and many more.

The TruCHAT widget editor lets you customize and set the style of the chat pop-up. You can set the colors and other elements to harmonize with your branding elements.

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In-Page Chatbots

We have developed a unique website integration option that lets you incorporate chat directly in the page. You can place the chatbot anywhere on the page where conversations should happen. Position the chatbot right next to a product description, for example.

With In-Page positioning, you can proactively invite visitors to engage with your chatbot as part of your marketing presentation, as an alternative to a pop-up using the On-Page method.

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Full-Page Chatbots

Conversational marketing is exploding because customers now expect to be able to engage with your brand instead of just reading your content. TruCHAT Full-Page integration gives you the most powerful way to turn your web pages into conversational landing pages!

Utilize full-page chatbots as landing pages for your paid, organic, email, and social marketing campaigns. Each click-through from a campaign will lead to a conversation with your visitors. Utilizing our Live Agent Chatbot Takeover capability, your staff can jump into the conversation with the best leads to close the sale.

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Website Integration Instructions

Using any of these website integration methods is simple. TruCHAT will produce a script that you simply paste where you want the chat to appear. Our dedicated support team is here to help you with any integration question you may have.