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Cash in on conversational marketing with chatbots

Learn: Conversational Marketing with TruChat

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Conversational marketing is the hot new technology in digital marketing. It allows businesses to have one-to-one conversations with potential buyers and to support existing customers to increase sales, as well as improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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Start Cashing in on Conversational Marketing with Chatbots

In just 30 minutes you will learn how you can instantly add AI Chatbots to your services so you can cash in on conversational marketing. We will show you how offering up our Ready-To-Go Chatbots to your past, current and future customers will drive your revenues to new heights.

The conversational marketing revolution is being driven by "The Customer" wanting to communicate with businesses and brands where they personally like to hang out on their favorite social platforms and messenger apps. Potential customers are opening less, opting in less, clicking less and converting less with the old ways of digital marketing. Companies that don't offer one-to-one conversational solutions will fall way behind of all their competition.

Your additional title of Chatbot Developer or Chatbot Agency is just a few easy steps away. This 30- minute webinar can put you on a fast track to using chatbots to ramp up your revenue and profits.

Format: Live
Length: 30 Minutes
Q&A: Yes (after session)
Max Attendance: 50

Are you missing out on this huge revenue channel?


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15 Chatbots that will Convert, Capture and Service Your Customers Well

In this 30-minute webinar, we will showcase 15 different chatbot use cases that can dramatically improve your overall business and lead you to more profits and better customer service. You will learn how chatbots can drive conversions, capture leads and deliver excellent 24/7 customer service without additional staff.

We will show you how chatbots can engage with your visitors and turn them into valued customers on all the popular messaging channels and on your website. Servicing your customers can be accomplished 24-hours a day utilizing chatbots and artificial intelligence while not requiring you to add more staff. You will be able to take away from this 30-minute webinar many possible solutions to your biggest marketing, sales and operational challenges.

Format: Live
Length: 30 Minutes
Q&A: Yes (after session)
Max Attendance: 50

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