Technology Platform

TruCHAT is built on solid reliable state-of-the-art tech

Built for performance & scalability

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

TruCHAT incorporates the latest and most powerful AI technologies, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). Our powerful, versatile, yet easy to use intent-building system, incorporates Microsoft's advanced Language Understanding Intelligent Service called LUIS. Our intent builder/editor lets your chatbot respond to the questions and utterances users can be expected to ask.

Architectured For The Future

The software architecture underlying TruCHAT is designed to support the incorporation of new features and capabilities well into the future. And, we designed it with agencies, developers, designers, chatbot builders—anyone publishing chatbots—in mind. Our incredible visual flow builder and intents editor allow the chatbot publisher to create even the most complex chatbots with ease…and do it fast.

World Class Cloud Computing

The TruCHAT system is developed and supported by our team of expert software engineers, developers, and testers, and lives in the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. We designed TruCHAT to provide the highest throughput, availability, and redundancy. This, along with our Service Level Agreement (SLA) and information security/privacy policies, assures you that TruCHAT is your best choice for even the most mission-critical applications.

Visual Flow Builder

With TruCHAT's visual flow builder, your chatbots can be built in hours, not days or weeks as with other platforms. And, no coding is required. We incorporated time-saving features like templates, scripts, rich content components, drag & drop, and our smart chatbot validator

TruCHAT visual flow builder

TruCHAT Partner Program

Cash in by delivering engaging customer conversations to your clients…and earn commissions doing it!