Summit Speaker Showcase

Extend Your Summit With This Speaker Showcase Chatbot

Summit Speaker Showcase Chatbot

Grow your summit by extending the value you deliver by adding this speaker showcase chatbot to work along side your summit software. Speakers can provide free download gifts, special pricing deals. Visitor can reach out and contact the speaker and rate the speaker's session. Entire system is time slotted to show the current speaker and hide the links during their session to not distract the audience. Data is populated on a google sheet to allow for live editing of the chatbot content to allow for maximum flexibility during the summit.

Chatbot Features

Summit Speaker Showcase Chatbot $999

If you run an online summit or live event then this powerful Speaker Showcase Chatbot Solution will deliver extra value to your audience. You can place the recorded sessions into the platform so the chatbot can drive value 365 days a year. We can even do some amazing customizations to add a pay to watch functionality to the system. It can be hosted on our system or you can place it directly on your website or purchase a custom domain name dedicated for this chatbot landing page.

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