Smart Support System

Innovative AI 360 Platform For Advanced Customer, Sales And Software Support

Grow Better/More Customers By Delivering WOW Support

The Smart Support System is the perfect total solution for all your support needs. The entire system can integrate directly inside your own software product. If you are a startup, you can use the Smart Support System as the foundational content structure of your new business. Using any combination of the tools included on your website, you can revolutionize how your customers get the information and direct support that they demand.

Smart Support System: All 6️⃣ Tools Built Into One Powerful, Amazing, And Fully Integrated Platform.

1️⃣ AI NLU Chatbot

Use the power of artificial intelligence chatbots to deliver the type of service that you need 24/7. Use Natural Language Understanding to give your customers the answers they need when they need them.

2️⃣ Tool Tips Integration

Intergrates easily with your web applications to deliver contextual smart help way beyond the outdated rollover tool tips. Your tool tips trigger all the needed info presented in a chatbot.

3️⃣ FAQ Search System

Build a massive library of your FAQS and deliver them when needed and allow your customers to search and find exactly the answers they really need. Allow customers to search for ALL the answers they need.

4️⃣ Article Portal

Create a beautiful portal of your support documents to allow your customers to access in-depth articles when they need the entire story. They can use search or browse to discover the help they need.

5️⃣ Help Ticketing System

Collect all the necessary details to be able to investigate and respond back using the Help Ticketing System included. Track each issue with proper routing and follow-up is made very simple.

6️⃣ Live Chat Agents

Use live chat capabilities with unlimited agents seat license to make your entire support team available to directly interact with your customers. Included are IOS and ANDROID Agent Apps.

AI 360 Advanced Customer, Sales And Software Smart Support System


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