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Lead Capture - 21 Fields

Powerful and very useful chatbot to capture all your visitor's contact data with 21 fields that can be turned on or off.

RTGC: Lead Capture - 21 Fields
Description: Ready-To-Go TruCHAT Chatbot that will allow you to collect lead data from your visitors with up to 21 different fields of input. Each field can be set to include or exclude to allow you to capture just the data you need. Visitors will be able to review/fix data before submitting. This chatbot includes Advertising Source Attribution, Google Analytics Custom Event, Help Ticket Created, and Email Send of all the data captured to multiple addresses.
Cost: Free
Created By: TruCHAT Staff
Complexity: Medium (turn fields on/off)
Scripts Included: 51
Actions: Advertising Source Attribution, Field Inclusion/Exclusion, Google Analytics Custom Event, Email Sending, Customer Segment Tagging, Create Ticket, Review All Data
Data Fields: First Name, Last Name, Company, Title, Email, Phone, Phone Type, Texting Permissions, How To Respond, Best Time To Contact, Company URL, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip Code, Country, Customer Status, How Did You Find Us, Your Gender, Date Of Birth
Typical Modifications: Personalize Copywriting And Branding, Update Opening and Closing, Send Captured Lead Data To Third Party CRM or Email Platform Using TruCHAT API, Add More Data Fields, Combine With Other Chatbots, Seed Known Data To Chatbot Thru Referral Link, Send Visitor Copy Of Submission,

When creating a new TruCHAT chatbot please select "RTGC: Lead Capture - 21 Fields" for your template.

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