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All Ready-To-Go Chatbots are included with every TruCHAT Pro Account

Launch in hours not days or weeks by using Ready-To-Go Chatbots that only need a little personalization and branding. You can fully customize one of these chatbots or use them as the core foundation of your next important chatbot project.

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Chatbot # RTGC-4012
Chatbot Name RTGC-4012 FAQs W/Support Request
Chatbot Description Deliver the right answers to your customers questions 24/7 with this FAQ W/support request. You can place the most helpful FAQS when the bot opens and closes to give help before your customers ask. Customers may also search your FAQs and if their answer is not found, they can opt to send a request into your support department directly from the chatbot.This bot keeps track of search terms entered, monthly usage, and support requests in unique TruCHAT spreadsheets or Google Spreadsheets.
Uses Business, Customer Support, Sales, Training, Content Marketing
Created By TruCHAT Chatbot Guru
Value $1400
Cost Included With TruCHAT Pro Account
Complexity Simple
Chatbot Actions FAQ Display, FAQ Search, Ad Source Attribution, Support Request, Emailing, Google Analytics, Segment Tagging, Usage Counter
Chatbot Landing Pages Works with all TruCHAT Chatbot Landing Pages
Common Customizations FAQ Creation, Custom Branding, External Linking, Integration With Other Software Platforms, Create Custom Chatbot Landing Page
TruCHAT Ready-To-Go Chatbot RTGC-4010
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Ready-To-Go Chatbots FAQs

TruCHAT's Ready-To-Go Chatbots are simply incredible. All of our Ready-To-Go Chatbots are available in your TruCHAT Pro Account to use and they will only take a few minutes to personalize to launch. You can use these as the foundation for custom chatbots thus saving you tons of time.

Step 1: Sign up for your TruCHAT Pro Account (30 day free trial available).

Step 2: Browse our Ready-To-Go Chatbots in the Gallery.

Step 3: Determine the right chatbot strategy and see which one of our Ready-To-Go Chatbots is best suited to achieve your targets and goals.

Step 4: Select the Ready-To-Go Chatbot from inside of your TruCHAT Pro Account when creating your next chatbot.

Step 5: Go through all the scripts and steps and personalize and customize your chatbot as you need.

Step 6: Add your chatbot to a customized Chatbot Landing Page and you are ready to drive results.
All Ready-To-Go Chatbots can be modified by you in your TruCHAT Pro Account. They are well documented and it will only take minutes to add in some personalization and branding. You can easily change text, add images, change buttons. If you are going to add in new flows and options it gets a little more challenging for the novice chatbot builder. Once you are a little experienced with chatbots and the TruCHAT platform, modifying these chatbots is easy.
You can hire the skilled marketers, developers, designers and analysts here at TruCHAT for any chatbot related project. We can help you with conceptualization, design, development, implementation, integration and marketing to make your project in-budget, on-time while achieving realistic goals.

We are available for small projects all the way up to enterprise-level mission-critical applications. We have over 60 talented people on our staff.
(1) We will be adding more Ready-To-Go Chatbots each month.

(2) If you have a great idea for a new chatbot send it over to us here at TruCHAT and we will put it on our to-do list.

(3) Ready-To-Go Chatbots will only work on TruCHAT accounts.

(4) Check out our Resources pages to learn all about how to use our entire platform.

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