TruCHAT Release Notes

What’s waiting for you in the latest release of TruCHAT

TruCHAT Continuous Improvement

We never stop listening to our customers. We’re always improving TruCHAT.

October 2, 2019

New Features

  • Added a new video player with settings for size, controls, looping, autoplay, and sound
  • Added Google Sheets Component to allow for connecting to a users google sheet to FIND, UPDATE and APPEND rows and data
  • User Input Gallery Swatch options now include very small so you can use images as quick reply buttons
  • You can now export all the Session/Global Fields into a Excel Spreadsheet
  • Through the Global Field import you can change the values that is currently stored in the database.
  • You can now mass create Session and Global Fields through the import function
  • The web widget will now accept an image as the background of the chat window
  • The search function in the TruCHAT admin has been expanded to search all available fields to better match

Improvements & Fixes

  • Copy/Paste now places pasted copy right where the cursors is in your steps instead of just at the very bottom
  • Users with Chat Admin privileges can now create new connections
  • Connections List is now sorted alphabetically
  • You know can add in a new component right where the cursor is instead of only at the bottom of the step
  • Webview formatting has been better configured
  • Working Hours for agent can now be enabled or disabled
  • Improved the navigation column for expanding and contracting
  • Changed to read time and dates instead of relative dates
  • Upgraded formating and positioning of the Rich Cards
  • Removed DOTS that were automatically added to user input buttons in the Stack setting

September 11, 2019

New Features

  • Added additional setup parameters to HTML scripts for full-page chats
  • Users with Chat Admin privileges can create new connections
  • Can now save a calendar appointment date in a variable
  • Can now use a custom SMTP server in the email component
  • User input now offers a Gallery Swatch button
  • Added enhanced number formatting for variables
  • New functionality was added to the rich card component
  • Conditional, Switch and Static Menu components now include tool tips
  • Added an optional Set Timeout parameter to transfer to agent function
  • Can now paste or create a component in the middle of the screen
  • Chatbot preview allows to specify and preserve a specific connection

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved the Link Component editor in the Visual Flow Builder
  • Fixed issue with saving changes
  • Improved method to link a chatbot to a connection
  • Addressed an issue with left sidebar panel
  • Animation when chat widget appears was improved
  • Placeholder text inside the user input component was improved
  • Improved Add Component inside Visual Flow Builder
  • Improved text labeling throughout the TruCHAT
  • Improved the chatbot list layout
  • Addressed issue where a dialog box appears down too low in Visual Flow Builder
  • Other small UI improvements and fixes.

August 2019

New Features

  • Mobile App update improves UI and performance on the TruCHAT mobile app.
  • Added Redirect to Live Agent notification on TruCHAT website and mobile app. This notification alerts you when a chatbot session has been transferred to a live agent.
  • Added a timeout to the Redirect to Live Agent function that allows the chatbot to continue the conversation if live agent is not available.
  • Undo/Redo added to the chatbot editors with stack to support multiple levels of undo.

Improvements & Fixes

  • System performance has been improved.
  • Variables are now consistent throughout the system.
  • Help is now available in the Visual Flow Builder.
  • Improved drag-and-drop in the Visual Flow Builder.
  • Improved right-hand sidebar functionality and usability.
  • Connection Types list order has been changed for clarity.
  • The Fields list is now sorted.
  • Reduced the size of the chatbot widget in minimized/collapsed mode.
  • Fixed issue with changing the Agent Avatar in user settings.
  • Added activity indicator to chatbot sessions in the Activities table.
  • Other small UI improves and fixes.

July 24, 2019

  • Calendar’s Notice Time - Increased interval to 24H
  • Connections Listing - Now shows which chatbots are routed to the connections
  • Connections Listing - Now sorted alphabetically
  • Expanded Help Sections - Expanded slide out of help area in admin.
  • Available Agents Functionality - Added Routing Check for Live Agent Available conditional test
  • Chatbot Templates - Now can include natural language understanding intents
  • Set Field String Formatter - You now can build stings using variables and text in the set field function.
  • Various UI Fixes - Improved UI enhancements throughout the platform.

July 10, 2019

  • Persistant Menu - Now you can add top or bottom a static menu with links to different scripts in the chatbot or to open an external web page.
  • Dynamic Image Call - You can now call a url to load up an image in your chatbot by building the url with static text and variables combined.
  • Various UI Fixes - Improved UI enhancements throughout the platform.
  • Live Agent Available - Improved the performance of the conditional test if a live agent is available.

June 26, 2019

  • Calendar Appointments on Google and Office 365 - Dynamically in real time visitors can set meeting times on a Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar.

June 5, 2019

  • Templates - New templates section that better organizes and presents chatbot templates.
  • Template Live Preview - View templates live preview will help you to research a bot functionality.
  • My Templates - You now can save any of your chatbots as a template to reuse in your account in the future.
  • Project Platform Update - We migrated to the latest version of Angular Framework as result we greatly improved general stability and performance.
  • Help System - Adding of new HELP section on each page in the platform.

May 22, 2019

  • External Step - allows to inject and execute dynamically created steps. This is a perfect extension point of the system makes you possible to generate parts of a chatbot on the fly (runtime) programmatically.
  • Swatch/Gallery User Input - Use image swatches to present buttons to the user includes settings for size and external image call.

May 8, 2019

  • Custom Fonts - In the design settings you now use Google Fonts to incorporate in the web widget.
  • Chat Bubble Style - Border radiuses are not settable in the web chatbot widget design settings.
  • Floating Text Input Box - The user input box will now float and show as needed on full-page chatbots.
  • Diagram View Enhancements - Added subnavigation bar on Visual Flow Builder view for better navigation.
  • Webview Component - Enriches your web and Facebook chatbots with the ability to inject/call in HTML content from a webpage.
  • Various Animations - Added in eye-catching text animations throughout the chatbot on the web.
  • Custom Field Values As Buttons - User Input quick reply buttons can use custom fields as their values.
  • Dynamic Call For Image Source - You now can use Custom Fields as the image source for the image component.
  • Cards Component Enhancements - Rich Cards now have expanded features.

April 17, 2019

  • Rich Cards Component - enrich your media by creating slider galleries inside of your chatbots.
  • Main Sidebar Navigation Improvements - UIX improvements make your navigation simpler.
  • Active Chats Manager - gives you a new way to manage your chats and visitors.
  • Deployment Connections - Wizard based system to configure chatbot to channel connection.

April 3, 2019

  • Spanish Language Support - NLP Intents now can be built using Spanish language.
  • Chatbot Level Script to Script Visual Diagram - See how your chatbot scripts are interconnected.
  • Visual Flow Diagram Enhancements - Keyboard shortcuts, snap to grid, improved magic wand, touch support.
  • Rich Gallery Cards - Now build sliding cards for Facebook Messenger and web.
  • Chatbot Selector - Now breadcrumb lets you switch between chatbots.
  • Bot-To-Bot Transfer - You can now transfer a visitor from one bot to another inside of scripts.
  • New Variables - Current Day of the Week and Current Day of the Week UTC
  • Intents Listing - Additional columns of information to better document your scripts
  • Intent Test Panel Improvements - Upgraded intents testing results with better information
  • Go-To-Script Component Enhancements - Made it more powerful and simpler to use.
  • Web Chat Widget Improvements - Now includes confirmation dialog to finish the chat session by visitor.
  • Variable Dropdowns - Now sorted for easier use.
  • Visual Flow Builder Labeling - Added clear labeling of what chatbot and what script you are currently viewing.

March 20, 2019

  • Chat Widget Title - You now can set the display name that appears on the chat widget header on the web separate from the chatbot widget name.
  • Transfer Live Chat To A Chatbot By Agent - Any given moment in a live chat with an agent they may transfer chat to a specific chatbot.
  • Apply a Function - You can apply a function to a numeric field (Round, Round-Ceiling, Round-Floor).
  • Apply a Function - You can apply a function to a string field (UpperCase, LowerCase, Trim, MD5)
  • Visual Flow Builder Step Improvement - ability to connect individual parts of the flow in the visual builder
  • Chat Design Controls Extended - You now can change font size, ability to show/hide timestamp, avatar, welcome system message.
  • Full-page Chat Enhancements - Various updates to the formatting and controls of the full-page and in-page display of the chat widget on the web.
  • Visual Flow Builder Script Navigation - Added ability to switch between scripts from dropdown in breadcrumb.
  • API Call Functionality - Greatly enhanced TruCHAT API with the ability to make a call to REST API from inside of the chatbot as well as ability to parse API responses.
  • Preserve Step’s Position Inside Visual Flow Builder - Visual Flow Builder now saves box positions after import/export, copy/paste, create from template cases.

March 5, 2019

  • Randomizer Step - allows you randomly select the path of script flow. Multiple settings, unlimited options
  • Returned Visitor - variable now available to use in conditionals
  • Live Agent Available - variable now available to use in conditionals
  • Chat Template Gallery - enhanced preview now showing
  • Javascript Call To Open/Start Chat - You can programatically collapse, expand, close and start chat with a click from a link or button on your html page

February 2019

  • Visual Flow Builder Functionality Major Improvements
  • Drag & Drop GOTO support in the Visual Flow Builder
  • Chat Widget Design - extended with color settings
  • Full Page and On-Page chat - place chat widget anywhere on a web page
  • Type Invitation Placeholder Text - customize hint text in input box
  • Initial Help Tour - quick tour of platform areas for a new users.
  • Ability To Send Email To Visitor - send email directly in your flows to the visitor
  • New Date/Time Variables - current year, month, day, hour.
  • New Content Variables - last user replay, last user quick replay, last user free text
  • Switch Component - to branch based on value
  • Custom Variable Formating
  • Additional Date / Time Session Values
  • Upgraded Export/Import of Chatbots - Now includes custom fields
  • Multichannel Integration Communication Improvements

January 2019

  • Global Fields
  • Slack Integration
  • Conditional Step - Test Field vs. Field
  • Chat History Details Expanded
  • Set Field - Set Field Value = To Other Field
  • Math Component Enhancements
  • Validation Of Chatbots Enhanced Messaging
  • Preview Chatbot - After Reset Funcationality
  • Chatbot Script Engine - Under The Hood Improvements
  • User Input - Free Text Can Now Save AND Process Through AI
  • Improved File Naming On Exports Of Chatbots & Intents

December 2018

  • Comment Component
  • Perform Action Math
  • Bold and Italics Text Treatment
  • Text Link Treatment
  • Extended List of Session Variables
  • User Input Component Usability Improvements
  • Font Awesome 5 Support
  • Zapier Integration
  • Statuses for Individual Scripts and Chatbots
  • User Input Editor improvement
  • Conditional Step Extended with New Variables
  • IE 11 Optimization
  • Improvement of Preview/Publication Process
  • Mobile Experience Improvements

November 2018

  • Copy/Paste Functionality (Components, Steps, Scripts)
  • Import/Expert Leads Improvements
  • System and Custom Field Unification
  • Summary for Lead Profile
  • Continue Current Step Option Added
  • Import/Export Intents
  • Download Transcripts
  • Perform Action/ Send Email Functionality Added

October 2018

  • New Script Editor (wysiwyg)
  • Improved Diagram View
  • Lead Profile
  • Custom Field and Variable Management
  • Redirect to Live Agent
  • Conditional Steps

August 2018

  • Twitter Channel Integration
  • Telegram Channel Integration
  • Viber Channel Integration
  • Navigation Redesign

June 2018

  • Chatbot Scripting + Chatbot AI
  • Working Hours
  • Script Editor
  • Intent Editor
  • Facebook Channel Integration

April 2018 Release

  • Skill Based Routing
  • Departments Management
  • Files Support
  • Engagements
  • Improved Chat Widget Design
  • Visitor Management Redesign
  • Agent Review
  • Chat Statistics

February 2018 Release

  • Widget Themes
  • Avatar Management
  • Chat Auto-assignment
  • Chat Monitoring
  • Chat Tags
  • Leads Management

December 2017 - Release

  • Live Chat Functionality
  • Ticket Management
  • Callbacks
  • Design Settings
  • History
  • Agent Management
  • Pre-Chat Survey
  • Post-Chat Survey
  • Canned Responses
  • Banned Users