TruCHAT Release Notes

What’s waiting for you in the latest release of TruCHAT

TruCHAT Continuous Improvement

We never stop listening to our customers. We’re always improving TruCHAT.

August 2020
  • Two Step Authenticaion - Allowing confirmation of email address and phone number.
  • Twilio Integration - Simple setup of your Twilio account to send SMS Texting.
  • Send SMS Message - Now you can send a text message from a script using Twilio
  • Chatbots Published Without Triggers - Now you can publish a bot without a trigger.
  • Drag And Drop Components - You can simple drag a component onto the diagram from the ADD menu
  • Insert Variable Filter - You can search, find and add variable into any text box by using @ sign.
  • Improved Copy/Paste - Elements now easier to place at the right spot in a script

July 2020
  • User Input Buttons now can now click and lead to external URL links.
  • Added Display Of Conversations used each month in the TruCHAT Dashboard.
  • Random Number Component can now set the low and high number limits by variable in addition to a fixed number.
  • Date Picker Tool used with date/time variable fields greatly improved.
  • Full Page Web View component updated.
  • Changed pricing of conversations over 1000 each month to a flat $0.02 each.
  • Improved Image Handling on Rich Cards and allow buttons to have same text prompt.
  • Various Core Upgrades to make all chatbots perform faster.

June 2020
  • Added Priority Settins for chatbot triggers to allow for correct trigger firing when there is more than one.
  • Short Text Inputs now can handle up to 400 characters.
  • Added Loads Of Tool Tips to TruCHAT admin system to help every user.
  • Pop Up Widget Redesigned and streamlined in operation.
  • Redesigned The Connections Design page to make it easier to manage.
  • FAQ's can now be mass exported into a file and downloaded.
  • Created Integrations Admin area to configure Google Sheets, Google Calendar and Office Calendar outside of the component.

May 2020
  • Static Menu now does not automatically scroll to show all the chatbot hamburger menu options.
  • Triggers that are not active will be visually different (shading) in the diagram view of the chatbot.
  • Admin UI updates to make navigating easier.
  • Pop Up Chat Widget was redesigned to deliver a better experience for all chatters.
  • Youtube Video element can now use a field variable instead of only a fixed url.
  • Chatbot Landing Page Video now has a more informative loading progress bar.
  • Added Time Variables from the perspective of the visitor's browser including time zone.
  • New Math Functions to determine time difference between two dates.
  • Updated Trigger functionality allowing you to create new connection from trigger element.
  • Upgraded Category creation in the FAQ Search System.
  • Upgraded Chatbot Listing page with new structure and columns.
  • Upgraded the Chatbot Preview system to test conditional triggers.
  • Upgraded Diagram View functionality.
  • Created New Export/Import Chatbot functionality to make it easier to duplicate and share chatbot code.
  • Step name changed to "Content" in the Add Functionality
  • Restructured Breadcrumb and subnavigation areas to improve functionality.
  • Brand New Trigger System which now lives on the Diagram View for much more powerful functionality.
  • Custom Tag management greatly enhanced with new functionality in the Perform Action.
  • Launched A New FAQ System to be able to create unlimited FAQS right in the Admin.
  • Created A New Search Element in a Content Step that searches the FAQs and Intents and displays internal and external FAQs and Articles.
  • Added Many New Chatbot Trigger Events such as Current Page Query, Current Page Address Fragment, Click On HTML Tag, Event Arugument, MetaTag TruCHAT.
  • Upgraded Media Gallery functionality eliminating unwanted scrolling top to bottom.
  • Addded Global Fields functionality in and out of Google Sheets.
  • Bot To Bot Transfer scrolling issue stabilized.

April 2020
  • Custom Tags can be created from a field variable in Perform Actions. You can create multiple tags at once from a comma separated field value as well.
  • Swith Component now has CONTAINS in addition to EQUALS allowing chatbots to look for keywords to move to next script action.
  • Added into the text box the ability to allow text links to point to another script.
  • Width Setting of an embedded chatbot in the Design Connection tab now has slider settings all the way out to 100% Max.
  • Video upload now supports up to 1GB.
  • Avatar, System Messages and Time Stamp settings that appear on chatbots are no OFF by default in the Connection Design.
  • Updated the Drag And Resort Elements in a step so it works smoothly.
  • Fixed Copy/Duplicate/Import Chatbot where the API settings were not being transferred correctly.
  • Google Calendar Component now successfully sends out notifications and confirmations after meeting is set.
  • Media Gallery no longer shows empty box if you do not have a button text designated.
  • Text URL Link now shows full text instead of truncating.
  • Chatbot Landing Page mobile formating is fixed on centering.
  • Updated various text prompts and notifications to make more logical sense and have more complete information.
  • Improved the preview in the Connections Design tab.

March 2020
  • Create Session & Global Fields through a simple import from xlsx file.
  • Changed default setting on all user inputs to be Continue Current Step
  • Jump To Chatbot link now is part of the visual view screen on Transfer To Another Chatbot
  • Connection Design now has over 100 different fonts you can use to customize appearance of the chatbot
  • Add Code To Header functionality for Chatbot Landing Pages to paste facebook, google, custom css or 3rd party code to your page.

February 2020
  • Chatbot Landing Page Builder now lets you build out dynamic landing pages featuring your chatbot in minutes.
  • Connect your own personal domain to your chatbot landing page.
  • TruCHAT Admin navigation improvements to better manage your account.
  • User Inputs now display the needed information to better validate and proof your chatbots.
  • Default validation text now automatically added to Email and Phone fields.
  • Added quick navigation arrow link to go to the GOTO script so you can move quicker during proofing of your chatbot.
  • Relabled user input to make it more logical and intuitive.
  • Changed default widget size to large when creating a new connection for the web.
  • Improved Google Sheets component for handling global fields.

January 2020
  • Reorganized step component for more logical access.
  • Reorganized the user input component for easier implementation.
  • New Join Fields option in Perform Actions component allows you to join multiple fields into one variable.
  • Released beta of Chatbot Landing Page Builder for public testing.

December 2019
  • File Upload Component now lets you ask directly for a file upload in your chatbot
  • File Uploads Administration allows you to view all your uploaded files, sort, filter, export, download or share uploaded files from your visitors
  • Upgrade of Video Gallery to a Media Gallery where you can now present images along with videos
  • Affiliate Code now available to be placed on "Powered By TruCHAT" in the chat widget
  • Upgrade of the TruCHAT API to better work with JSON variables
  • Set Variable to Random Number allows you to create a random number with starting and ending point
  • New Split Field allows you to assign individual variables from a comma separated list
  • Unanswered questions in INTENTS now track the last instance and how many times an unanswered question has been asked
  • Image component can now be justified left, center or right and chat bubble can now be set to 0 - 100% transparent
  • Perform Action of Send Variable to AI Natural Language Understanding Intent system

November 2019
  • Pin To Top feature to allow you to pin content to the very top of the chat window
  • Unpin Content through a perform action
  • Video Gallery component to allow for a multi-video presentation that gets pinned to the top and allows for scripts to run on start of a video and another script to run upon the completion of the video play
  • Multi-Select User Input allows visitor to select all that apply
  • Drop Down User Input allows you to present a long list of choices in a drop down
  • Edit Variables Inline as an option when you insert a variable in a text block

September 2019

New Features

  • Added additional setup parameters to HTML scripts for full-page chats
  • Users with Chat Admin privileges can create new connections
  • Can now save a calendar appointment date in a variable
  • Can now use a custom SMTP server in the email component
  • User input now offers a Gallery Swatch button
  • Added enhanced number formatting for variables
  • New functionality was added to the rich card component
  • Conditional, Switch and Static Menu components now include tool tips
  • Added an optional Set Timeout parameter to transfer to agent function
  • Can now paste or create a component in the middle of the screen
  • Chatbot preview allows to specify and preserve a specific connection

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved the Link Component editor in the Visual Flow Builder
  • Fixed issue with saving changes
  • Improved method to link a chatbot to a connection
  • Addressed an issue with left sidebar panel
  • Animation when chat widget appears was improved
  • Placeholder text inside the user input component was improved
  • Improved Add Component inside Visual Flow Builder
  • Improved text labeling throughout the TruCHAT
  • Improved the chatbot list layout
  • Addressed issue where a dialog box appears down too low in Visual Flow Builder
  • Other small UI improvements and fixes.

August 2019

New Features

  • Mobile App update improves UI and performance on the TruCHAT mobile app.
  • Added Redirect to Live Agent notification on TruCHAT website and mobile app. This notification alerts you when a chatbot session has been transferred to a live agent.
  • Added a timeout to the Redirect to Live Agent function that allows the chatbot to continue the conversation if live agent is not available.
  • Undo/Redo added to the chatbot editors with stack to support multiple levels of undo.

Improvements & Fixes

  • System performance has been improved.
  • Variables are now consistent throughout the system.
  • Help is now available in the Visual Flow Builder.
  • Improved drag-and-drop in the Visual Flow Builder.
  • Improved right-hand sidebar functionality and usability.
  • Connection Types list order has been changed for clarity.
  • The Fields list is now sorted.
  • Reduced the size of the chatbot widget in minimized/collapsed mode.
  • Fixed issue with changing the Agent Avatar in user settings.
  • Added activity indicator to chatbot sessions in the Activities table.
  • Other small UI improves and fixes.

July 24, 2019

  • Calendar’s Notice Time - Increased interval to 24H
  • Connections Listing - Now shows which chatbots are routed to the connections
  • Connections Listing - Now sorted alphabetically
  • Expanded Help Sections - Expanded slide out of help area in admin.
  • Available Agents Functionality - Added Routing Check for Live Agent Available conditional test
  • Chatbot Templates - Now can include natural language understanding intents
  • Set Field String Formatter - You now can build stings using variables and text in the set field function.
  • Various UI Fixes - Improved UI enhancements throughout the platform.

July 10, 2019

  • Persistant Menu - Now you can add top or bottom a static menu with links to different scripts in the chatbot or to open an external web page.
  • Dynamic Image Call - You can now call a url to load up an image in your chatbot by building the url with static text and variables combined.
  • Various UI Fixes - Improved UI enhancements throughout the platform.
  • Live Agent Available - Improved the performance of the conditional test if a live agent is available.

June 26, 2019

  • Calendar Appointments on Google and Office 365 - Dynamically in real time visitors can set meeting times on a Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar.

June 5, 2019

  • Templates - New templates section that better organizes and presents chatbot templates.
  • Template Live Preview - View templates live preview will help you to research a bot functionality.
  • My Templates - You now can save any of your chatbots as a template to reuse in your account in the future.
  • Project Platform Update - We migrated to the latest version of Angular Framework as result we greatly improved general stability and performance.
  • Help System - Adding of new HELP section on each page in the platform.

May 22, 2019

  • External Step - allows to inject and execute dynamically created steps. This is a perfect extension point of the system makes you possible to generate parts of a chatbot on the fly (runtime) programmatically.
  • Swatch/Gallery User Input - Use image swatches to present buttons to the user includes settings for size and external image call.

May 8, 2019

  • Custom Fonts - In the design settings you now use Google Fonts to incorporate in the web widget.
  • Chat Bubble Style - Border radiuses are not settable in the web chatbot widget design settings.
  • Floating Text Input Box - The user input box will now float and show as needed on full-page chatbots.
  • Diagram View Enhancements - Added subnavigation bar on Visual Flow Builder view for better navigation.
  • Webview Component - Enriches your web and Facebook chatbots with the ability to inject/call in HTML content from a webpage.
  • Various Animations - Added in eye-catching text animations throughout the chatbot on the web.
  • Custom Field Values As Buttons - User Input quick reply buttons can use custom fields as their values.
  • Dynamic Call For Image Source - You now can use Custom Fields as the image source for the image component.
  • Cards Component Enhancements - Rich Cards now have expanded features.

April 17, 2019

  • Rich Cards Component - enrich your media by creating slider galleries inside of your chatbots.
  • Main Sidebar Navigation Improvements - UIX improvements make your navigation simpler.
  • Active Chats Manager - gives you a new way to manage your chats and visitors.
  • Deployment Connections - Wizard based system to configure chatbot to channel connection.

April 3, 2019

  • Spanish Language Support - NLP Intents now can be built using Spanish language.
  • Chatbot Level Script to Script Visual Diagram - See how your chatbot scripts are interconnected.
  • Visual Flow Diagram Enhancements - Keyboard shortcuts, snap to grid, improved magic wand, touch support.
  • Rich Gallery Cards - Now build sliding cards for Facebook Messenger and web.
  • Chatbot Selector - Now breadcrumb lets you switch between chatbots.
  • Bot-To-Bot Transfer - You can now transfer a visitor from one bot to another inside of scripts.
  • New Variables - Current Day of the Week and Current Day of the Week UTC
  • Intents Listing - Additional columns of information to better document your scripts
  • Intent Test Panel Improvements - Upgraded intents testing results with better information
  • Go-To-Script Component Enhancements - Made it more powerful and simpler to use.
  • Web Chat Widget Improvements - Now includes confirmation dialog to finish the chat session by visitor.
  • Variable Dropdowns - Now sorted for easier use.
  • Visual Flow Builder Labeling - Added clear labeling of what chatbot and what script you are currently viewing.

March 20, 2019

  • Chat Widget Title - You now can set the display name that appears on the chat widget header on the web separate from the chatbot widget name.
  • Transfer Live Chat To A Chatbot By Agent - Any given moment in a live chat with an agent they may transfer chat to a specific chatbot.
  • Apply a Function - You can apply a function to a numeric field (Round, Round-Ceiling, Round-Floor).
  • Apply a Function - You can apply a function to a string field (UpperCase, LowerCase, Trim, MD5)
  • Visual Flow Builder Step Improvement - ability to connect individual parts of the flow in the visual builder
  • Chat Design Controls Extended - You now can change font size, ability to show/hide timestamp, avatar, welcome system message.
  • Full-page Chat Enhancements - Various updates to the formatting and controls of the full-page and in-page display of the chat widget on the web.
  • Visual Flow Builder Script Navigation - Added ability to switch between scripts from dropdown in breadcrumb.
  • API Call Functionality - Greatly enhanced TruCHAT API with the ability to make a call to REST API from inside of the chatbot as well as ability to parse API responses.
  • Preserve Step’s Position Inside Visual Flow Builder - Visual Flow Builder now saves box positions after import/export, copy/paste, create from template cases.

March 5, 2019

  • Randomizer Step - allows you randomly select the path of script flow. Multiple settings, unlimited options
  • Returned Visitor - variable now available to use in conditionals
  • Live Agent Available - variable now available to use in conditionals
  • Chat Template Gallery - enhanced preview now showing
  • Javascript Call To Open/Start Chat - You can programatically collapse, expand, close and start chat with a click from a link or button on your html page

February 2019

  • Visual Flow Builder Functionality Major Improvements
  • Drag & Drop GOTO support in the Visual Flow Builder
  • Chat Widget Design - extended with color settings
  • Full Page and On-Page chat - place chat widget anywhere on a web page
  • Type Invitation Placeholder Text - customize hint text in input box
  • Initial Help Tour - quick tour of platform areas for a new users.
  • Ability To Send Email To Visitor - send email directly in your flows to the visitor
  • New Date/Time Variables - current year, month, day, hour.
  • New Content Variables - last user replay, last user quick replay, last user free text
  • Switch Component - to branch based on value
  • Custom Variable Formating
  • Additional Date / Time Session Values
  • Upgraded Export/Import of Chatbots - Now includes custom fields
  • Multichannel Integration Communication Improvements

January 2019

  • Global Fields
  • Slack Integration
  • Conditional Step - Test Field vs. Field
  • Chat History Details Expanded
  • Set Field - Set Field Value = To Other Field
  • Math Component Enhancements
  • Validation Of Chatbots Enhanced Messaging
  • Preview Chatbot - After Reset Funcationality
  • Chatbot Script Engine - Under The Hood Improvements
  • User Input - Free Text Can Now Save AND Process Through AI
  • Improved File Naming On Exports Of Chatbots & Intents

December 2018

  • Comment Component
  • Perform Action Math
  • Bold and Italics Text Treatment
  • Text Link Treatment
  • Extended List of Session Variables
  • User Input Component Usability Improvements
  • Font Awesome 5 Support
  • Zapier Integration
  • Statuses for Individual Scripts and Chatbots
  • User Input Editor improvement
  • Conditional Step Extended with New Variables
  • IE 11 Optimization
  • Improvement of Preview/Publication Process
  • Mobile Experience Improvements

November 2018

  • Copy/Paste Functionality (Components, Steps, Scripts)
  • Import/Expert Leads Improvements
  • System and Custom Field Unification
  • Summary for Lead Profile
  • Continue Current Step Option Added
  • Import/Export Intents
  • Download Transcripts
  • Perform Action/ Send Email Functionality Added

October 2018

  • New Script Editor (wysiwyg)
  • Improved Diagram View
  • Lead Profile
  • Custom Field and Variable Management
  • Redirect to Live Agent
  • Conditional Steps

August 2018

  • Twitter Channel Integration
  • Telegram Channel Integration
  • Viber Channel Integration
  • Navigation Redesign

June 2018

  • Chatbot Scripting + Chatbot AI
  • Working Hours
  • Script Editor
  • Intent Editor
  • Facebook Channel Integration

April 2018 Release

  • Skill Based Routing
  • Departments Management
  • Files Support
  • Engagements
  • Improved Chat Widget Design
  • Visitor Management Redesign
  • Agent Review
  • Chat Statistics

February 2018 Release

  • Widget Themes
  • Avatar Management
  • Chat Auto-assignment
  • Chat Monitoring
  • Chat Tags
  • Leads Management

December 2017 - Release

  • Live Chat Functionality
  • Ticket Management
  • Callbacks
  • Design Settings
  • History
  • Agent Management
  • Pre-Chat Survey
  • Post-Chat Survey
  • Canned Responses
  • Banned Users