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TruCHAT Chatbot + Live Chat Platform

TruCHAT 30-Day Trial


No Credit Card Required

  • All Ready-To-Go Chatbots Included
  • All Chatbot Landing Pages Included
  • AI Chatbot Platform (Unlimited Bots)
  • Live Chat (Unlimited Agents)
  • Help Desk Ticketing System
  • IOS / Android Mobile App
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Unlimited API Usage
  • 30 Days Or 1000 Conversations Total
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No Contract / Cancel Anytime

  • All Ready-To-Go Chatbots Included
  • All Chatbot Landing Pages Included
  • AI Chatbot Platform (Unlimited Bots)
  • Live Chat (Unlimited Agents)
  • Help Desk Ticketing System
  • IOS / Android Mobile App
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Unlimited API Usage
  • 1000 Conversations Per Month*
  • TruMessaging Email Platform
  • Blasts, Autoresponders, Drip Campaigns
  • 2000 Email Sends Per Month***

TruCHAT Developer


Certified Partners Only

  • All Ready-To-Go Chatbots Included
  • All Chatbot Landing Pages Included
  • AI Chatbot Platform (Unlimited BSots)
  • Live Chat (Unlimited Agents)
  • Help Desk Ticketing System
  • IOS / Android Mobile App
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Unlimited API Usage
  • 1000 Conversations Per Month*
  • TruMessaging Email Platform
  • Blasts, Autoresponders, Drip Campaigns
  • 2000 Email Sends Per Month***

Need More Conversations Over 1,000 Included?

Select number of additional conversations* per month NEW LOWER PRICE: FLAT RATE OF $0.02
  • 0
  • 500
  • 1K
  • 2K
  • 5K
  • 10K
  • 15K
  • 20K
  • 25K
  • 30K
  • 35K
  • 40K
  • 45K
  • 50K

1K Additional Conversations per Month = $20.00

Do you need massive amounts of power and bandwidth? - call us for custom enterprise-level quote.

* Conversation = an unlimited single session of two sided communications between chatbot/live agent and visitor.

** Developer Account is for developing, testing, & demoing only. Live Chatbots that are promoted/available to the public require a separate paid TruCHAT Pro account. If you need more than 1000 conversations for demoing purposes - just ask.
Remove TruCHAT Branding: $30 additional fee per TruCHAT Pro Account per month. Partner White Label options available upon request.

*** Additional Email Sends are billed at $0.01 each and billed for the previous months sends over the 2000 included in a TruCHAT Pro Account.

All TruCHAT accounts include:

You get all TruCHAT features in every account!

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Answering your visitors' open-ended questions is the true power of TruCHAT. Our Natural Language Processing, built into every account, allows you to add in an unlimited number of question intents and responses. Letting your customers communicate with you in the manner they want is truly powerful.

Machine Learning AI

TruCHAT uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, including natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). This makes it possible for your TruCHAT chatbots to intelligently respond to user questions. Build your FAQ right into your chatbot to increase customer engagement!

Multichannel Chatbot Deployment

This amazing TruCHAT feature lets you build chatbots that will work on any website AND Facebook, Twitter, Slack & other channels with no changes. So, build and maintain a single chatbot that works across all your channels!

Live Chat with Routing

TruCHAT features powerful live chat in addition to its chatbot system. Live chat in TruCHAT incorporates a powerful agent routing system to route chats to agents based on their work schedules, skillset, etc. You can even route to a chatbot just as if it were a real person. For example, route chats to Mary or John during the workday, and to the chatbot after hours.

Powerful Chatbots

In addition to a full-featured Live Chat platform, TruCHAT offers one of the most powerful chatbot building tool set available. Combine chatbots with live chat and you have the foundation of an exceptional customer support system.

Scripted Flows

TruCHAT lets you build chatbots that incorporate both scripted flows and AI. This allows your chatbots to control the flow of the conversation to, for example, collect leads, as well as to respond to questions or other utterances a user may type in. Your chatbot can even respond to a user's question by running a script!

Live Agent Takeover

Monitor the conversations going on in all active chatbot sessions, as they are happening. With Live Agent Takeover, your staff can jump right into a chat to close the sale or deliver the right customer service solution to the customer. The TruCHAT Mobile App gives you the ability to take over chatbot conversations wherever you are. You do not need to have live agents to get fantastic results with TruCHAT.

No Code: Visual Flow Builder

With TruCHAT's visual flow builder, your chatbots can be built in hours, not days or weeks as with other platforms. And, no coding is required. We incorporated time-saving features like templates, scripts, rich content components, drag & drop, and our smart chatbot validator.

Agent Scheduling and Routing

TruCHAT offers department and skills-based routing and agent time-based scheduling options so that chat sessions go to right live agent. Chatbots can be scheduled and routed with these same options allowing the right chatbot to service the chat session.

Dedicated Mobile App

The TruCHAT mobile app for iOS and Android lets your users monitor chatbot AND live chat sessions right from their phones!. Plus, users can take over chatbot sessions in progress, view leads, chat histories, tickets & more.

Callbacks and Forms

Another valuable feature set included in your TruCHAT account is the callback feature where a simple form is presented when an agent is not available for the visitor to request a call back. The admin system keeps you updated on needed callbacks pending and gives you history of all requests.

Help Desk Ticket System

Built into TruCHAT is a full-fledged Help Desk application. A visitor can submit a help ticket through the chat system and your support staff can view and update the status of the ticket in the admin system.

Agent/Bot Review System

After the completion of each live chat or chatbot session a 5-star review and feedback form is presented. The admin system shows you average rating of each agent, chatbot and the system overall. This is vital to make sure each custom is getting the best possible service.

Complete Lead Management

TruCHAT handles the complete lifecycle of a visitor to a qualified lead. From the system you can view, filter and export all leads effortlessly. Emails can be automatically sent as part of any process inside of the scripted flow of a chatbot.

API / Zapier / Webhooks

TruCHAT will integrate easily with any software platform used in your business already by way of Zapier, our API or through webhooks. This connectivity to your existing platforms makes business processes almost seamless but offers tremendous capabilities.

Chatbot Optimization Center

Chatbots are made to get smarter every day delivering more accurate answers and solving more of your customer issues. The TruCHAT Optimization Center gives you the data, tools and insights to deliver more value to your customers.

Chat History & Transcripts

Every chat session is recorded and available for full analysis. Transcripts are optionally available to every chatter at the conclusion of their chat session. You can customize the header and footer of the transcripts to make sure you are delivering your marketing messaging at every opportunity.

Full-Page Chat Landing Pages

Chat widgets on websites are usually relegated to a small popup widget, with TruCHAT you can place the web widget anywhere on a webpage. This turns any webpage into a conversational landing page that can engage the visitor leading the micro or macro conversion and overall goal of the customer interaction.

Google Analytics Integration

TruCHAT fully integrates with Google Analytics. You can add in custom events based on any step or conversion in the flow. Combine reporting activity of your chat sessions with your visitor and conversion data and you have the necessary data to always be optimizing your chatbots and live agent messaging.

Fulfillment Connections

Reading and writing data to external systems is a big part of the advanced capabilities that TruCHAT offers. Connecting to your database to retrieve specific customer data and having the ability to write back to that database opens the door to almost unlimited number of company processes that can be handled by a TruCHAT chatbot.

Customizable Web Widget

TruCHAT offers the most enhanced and customizable website widget available today. You can customize the presentation of the conversation so it blends right in with your company marketing look and feel that it will become a natural extension of your brand.

Solution-Based Templates

Your TruCHAT account comes loaded with ready-to-go templates that will reduce your time to launch great chatbots to just a few hours or less without any coding. Our templates are tested and well documented for easy implementation. New templates will be made available routinely.

Proactive Triggering

Chatbots can be triggered by a wide range of conditions and events, such as time on page or website, a specific web page, new visitor, and more. If you have live agents available, you can set the chatbot to take over if an agent doesn't respond in a certain number of seconds so your customers get very attentive customer service.

Conditional Branching

The ability to control the conversation is enhanced by using the conditional branching capabilities of TruCHAT. You can create conditions or tests of system variables, session variables and/or custom variables entered by the visitor. You can test if the variable includes, excludes, is greater or less than or equals a certain value.

Math Processes On Variables

TruCHAT gives you the ability to process math on custom fields allowing you to deliver right into the conversation information based on counters, equations and values. You can combine the math function with our conditional branching to control the conversation and document the leads based on these computational data.

Chatbot Commenting

A simple yet very appreciated feature in the TruCHAT platform is the ability to add in simple comments right where you need them. You can use these comments to document your chatbots so that you can easily have multiple people working on them or one person can pick up right where another left off.

Frequently asked


The TruCHAT offers a 30-day trial Pro Account for free. This account does not require a credit card to sign up and gives you every feature that is available on our Pro account. It can be upgraded to a paid subscription account at any time. If you are a developer or agency that will be building chatbots for your clients, then we have a Developer account for you. The Developer account is part of our Partner Program.
A conversation is a complete session of two sided communications between chatbot/live agent and visitor. It can have an unlimited number of interactions by each side but will still be counted as 1 conversation.
The TruCHAT Pro account does not require a contract and can be cancelled at any time. Since it is a monthly account, the service will continue through the end of that month's period. No refunds will be issued. For custom TruCHAT accounts, the terms will be part of the custom account services agreement.
TruCHAT offers a very rewarding Partner Program for developers and agencies that will be building chatbots for their clients.