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If you are looking to grow your development/design/agency business, join our TruCHAT Certified Partner Program today! TruCHAT partners get to deliver outstanding custom conversational solutions that solve real world challenges for their clients. And, they earn revenue share $$$ too! Free TruCHAT Developer account included.

Partner Program Application

TruCHAT Partner Program Details

We've designed each element of the TruCHAT Partner Program to help you position your business for success with your clients. Not only will you be able to build high-powered conversational solutions with TruCHAT, you will earn on-going commissions from each chatbot you build/sell to your clients.

Outstanding Platform Tools

TruCHAT combines powerful natural language processing (NLP), and other artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, with an advanced graphical flow builder. This lets you easily build, deploy, optimize, and maintain chatbots for any type of business. Our multichannel chatbots can be deployed on all the major social media and messenger platforms as well as any website. TruCHAT's Live Chat with agent routing tops off the platform, making it the best on the market for virtually any application.

Free Developer Pro Account

As an approved TruCHAT Partner, you will get a full-featured TruCHAT ProPlus account—for your use only—to build and demo chatbots for your clients. Your free account will allow you to master the platform, create and demo prototypes, build a catalog of showcase chatbot demos, and develop your client solutions. Once you have built your client's chatbot, your client simply signs up for a paid TruCHAT Pro account, to which you'll deploy their custom solution.

Dedicated Success Manager

As a TruCHAT Partner, you will have a dedicated in-house success manager to assist you every step of the way. When you partner with TruCHAT you truly get a partner to help in your path to success.

Beginner & Advanced Bot Training

We know how important it is to ensure that you master the TruCHAT platform, so that you can build powerful customized chatbots with ease. Partners get access to our weekly live training webinars, online videos, documentation, and all online resources as they become available.

Marketing Collaboration & Assistance

Together, we're a team. As an approved TruCHAT partner, you will have accesss to our team and their insights. We'll be there to help you in the marketing and sales of your TruCHAT custom solutions. You won't be on your own.

Chatbot Selling Tools

Going forward, we'll be adding case studies, industry stats, and other selling tools to help you with business development. Your success is very important to us and you will get our support when you need it.

VIP Engineering Assistance

TruCHAT is built and supported by our team of over fifty developers. As a partner, you will have access to the collective knowledge of the team. If you have advanced needs or custom requests, they will be considered and worked on by the actual engineers that have built the entire platform.


We have a great product roadmap to keep TruCHAT the best solution available. Our team is advancing the platform with new features and functionality every day. We release new updates each month based on our product roadmap. As a TruCHAT partner, you'll have access to our roadmap. Your input will be given great weight in our product planning.

Developer Group Private Access

All members of the partner program will have exclusive access to private Facebook and LinkedIn groups for community support and networking. We all will benefit from each other sharing wins and losses, challenges overcome and being able to get solutions to obstacles that are just delaying our progress.

Ongoing Commi$$ion$

The TruCHAT Partner Program provides an attractive revenue share that you qualify for as long as you are a Partner in good standing. You can earn up 20% on all monthly or prepaid annual fees from clients pay for their TruCHAT accounts. Partner payments are made to partners quarterly based on the net revenue originating from your registered clients.

Your Customers Get A+ Treatment

We understand and appreciate the effort it takes to acquire customers and how important it is to retain them. Our mission is to keep all our customers and partners delighted. You can be confident that we will treat your clients like gold.

Profile Listing Featured On

If you wish, and as an active and approved partner, we will showcase your business and services on this website. We want you to get lots of business referrals from us to build your unique custom TruCHAT solutions.

Inbound Customer Leads

All visitors to our website will be able to request project work from any of our partners. Partners often have deep subject matter knowledge about vertical markets and are ideally suited to deliver customized solutions built on our platform. We both win!

Get Started Immediately

After you have submitted your Partner Program Application, the approval process should be quick. We may request additional information from you, if needed, as we only want partners that offer great service, great support, and do great work.

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