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Cash In On Chatbots - Copywriters

Copywriters, it’s time to take your career to another level. With your copywriting skills you are able to enter into an exciting new arena with unlimited potential. Your customers need chatbots and we can help you deliver them. Our chatbot technology + your ability to create engaging content is a winning combination. By becoming a TruCHAT partner you can add the most exciting new service in marketing to your repertoire. Let us show you how to become a chatbot expert and a master of conversational marketing. Build chatbots for your clients and increase your business today!

Increase Your Client Base

  • Almost Every Website Will Need A Chatbot Moving Forward
  • Most Sites Already Have Content And Blogs But Not Chatbots
  • Become The Expert That Chabot Clients Need
  • There Are Far Less Copywriters Creating Copy For Chatbots Than Websites and Blogs

Become a Master of a New Skill

  • Our Experts Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know
  • The Demand For Chatbot Copywriters Will Continue To Grow
  • Learn What It Means To Create Conversational Content
  • Differentiate Yourself From Other Copywriters

Make More Money

  • Add A New Channel To Earn Revenue For Yourself
  • Our Client Base Of Users Who Need Chatbot Content Is Growing Nonstop
  • Offer Your New Skills To Existing Clients
  • Since There Are Less Experts In The Field You Can Charge Your Clients More

Be at the Forefront of a New Career Path

  • Become An Expert Before Your Competition
  • Establish Your Name In The Field
  • Work With Our Experts To Expedite The Process Of Learning
  • Gain Insights From Our Team That Has Created Thousands Of Chatbots Already

How to Get Started With Chatbots: Copywriters

Our mission is to provide you with the best information, inspiration, great support, and a very clear path to cash in on chatbots and conversational marketing. We invite you to get started today and expand your capabilities to grow your revenue. Offer new multichannel services to your clients, add a new revenue stream, and, make this year your most profitable yet!

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    Create amazing chatbot content

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    Pitch your chatbot copywriting services to your clients

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    Watch your revenues grow!

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