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Innovative Membership Platform To Inspire The Masses And Deliver Personal Coaching

All You Need To Run Your Coaching Business

Now With 400 Channels, 50 Subscription Levels And Stripe Payment Integration

A complete membership platform for coaches. Drive dynamic engagement at scale by delivering your unique and valued content using the latest most powerful platform available. Launch in one day and start helping visitors grow personally and professionally with your great consumable content. Deliver rich content posts scheduled by the day, present training courses using our Lesson Channels or showcase mass amounts of randomly presented bite-size content using a Nugget Channel. Build a member community of devoted followers and students that look to you as the single best source of training, education and inspiration in your specialized arena.

You can charge for access to your Coach By Portal you can combine free and paid access. With up to 50 paid or free subscriptions levels to offer along with Stripe payments you can build out a profitable and dynamic coaching business.

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💲💲 Monetize Your Coaching Business

  • Sell Membership Subscription Access To Your Entire Coach By Portal
  • Offer Free And Paid Subscription Levels (Up To 50) Of Content Channel Access
  • Sell One-To-One Personal Coaching Delivered Directly To Individual Members
  • Sell Access To Livestream Or Pre-Recorded Events Delivered In Your Coach By Portal
  • Create New Training Courses Delivered Right In Your Coach By Portal

💲💲 More Ways To Monetize Your Coaching Business

  • Recommend Related Products And Services Through Affiliate Deals
  • Sell Sponsorship Of Your Coach By Portal By Day, Week, Month Or Year
  • Promote And Sell Your Existing Courses And Webinars
  • Sell Individual Guest Posts Of Content Into Existing Channels
  • Sell And Create A Sponsored Channel Directly For A One-Time Or Monthly Charge

A Complete Business System For Coaches

  • Drop Personal Coaching Messages Of Video Or Text Including Questions To Answer Directly To Any Member
  • Contact/Feedback From Members Responding To Individual Content To The Owner Of Each Post
  • Build Up A Complete Member Profile As They Answer Questions Tied Directly To Posts
  • Members Can Upload Their Homework Or Assignments Directly In Your Coach By Portal For Easy Management
  • All Content Is Managed In A Simple Admin Chatbot For Content Creation - No Technical Challenges

Completely Installed And Configured

  • All Videos And Images Can Be Hosted In Your Coach By Portal So No Outside Services Needed
  • Complete Solution Hosted On Our Servers Or You Can Place The Chatbot On Your Own Websites
  • Installed, Configured, Themed And Personalized For Your Needs With Two Hours Of Customizations
  • You Can Change Your Offereings At Any Time Using Up To 20 Parent Engagement Channels With 20 Subchannels
  • You Can Be Live In About One Day And Grow Your Business At The Level You Dream About

Engagement Channels

  • Set Up Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Or Custom Scheduling of Engaging Content
  • Each Channel Can Use Custom Imagery To Brand Your Offerings
  • You Can Structure Your Portal With 20 Top Level Channels And Each Can Have 20 Subchannels
  • Channel Buttons Only Show When There Actually Is Available Content For The Member And Date

Engagement Channels

  • Build Your Membership Community With A Library Of Your Great Coaching And Inspirational Content
  • Visitors See Random Or Sequential Display Of Unique Content In Each Engagement Channel
  • Channels Are Loaded With Content Posts From Your Own Library Or You Can Curate Great Content From Around The Web
  • Each Content Post Can Utilize Video, Image, Text and A Call To Action To Create Consumable Fresh Content

Bite-Sized Consummable Content

  • Deliver Your Message/Inspiration In Easy-To-Create Consumable Bite-Sized Single Topic Posts
  • Post Content On Social First, Then Post It In Your Coach By Portal To Make Content Creation Effecient
  • Your Fresh Content Drives Learning, Inspiration, Action, Accountablity, Leading To Reasons For Members To Engage Every Day
  • Repurpose Content Into Your Other Engagement Channels To Increase Exposure And Content Depth

Great Content Creates Binge-Worthy Engagement

  • Create Your Posts In Batches And Schedule In Advance Of The Display Date
  • Slice Up Your Existing Blogs, Webinars, Articles, Videos, And Courses And Post It In Your Coach By Portal
  • Use Industry Public Domain Information To Expand Your Coach By Portal's Educational Impact
  • Use Coach By Portal Analytics To Determine Which Type Of Content To Focus On Based On The Activity Data

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Standard Installation + Personalization + Maximum 2 Hours Consulting Time

Custom Configure Your Portal Exactly To Your Brand And Coaching Goals.

Every installation of the Coach By Portal platform is completely customizable to include exactly what you want to include at launch and you can continually grow your platform. You have full control to use up to 20 parent content channels where each parent channel can have up to 20 subchannels. You can customize each channel's name and order of appearance. Daily based channels will show only IF there is content available for the day (you can set content to appear multiple days or just on a specific day). Nuggets will randomly show all the content available till the person has seen them all (they can reset the system and seem them all again). Lessons will be shown sequentially which makes it perfect for training courses.

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