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Truchat's Chatbot Landing Pages will increase engagement, lead capture and conversions on all your Email, Social and PPC Marketing Campaigns.

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Chatbot Landing Page FAQs

Truchat's Chatbot Landing Pages will increase engagement, lead capture and conversions on all your Email, Social and PPC Marketing Campaigns.

Your campaigns will be more successful by incorporating the power of conversational marketing.

Your post-click visitors will be engaged with your brand, messaging and offer on an amazing Chatbot Landing Page.

Step 1: Sign up for your TruCHAT Pro Account (30 day free trial available).

Step 2: Plan out your Email, PPC and Social campaigns that you need to succeed.

Step 3: Conceptualize and then develop your chatbot to deliver the campaign in the best possible way to achieve your targets and goals.

Step 4: Select the Chatbot Landing Page from our gallery that you feel suits your needs the closest and customize it yourself with your images and text.

Step 5: Click Publish and your chatbot and chatbot landing page is live on the web. Only takes a few minutes.

Step 6: Launch your campaign and drive all your visitors to your Chatbot Landing Page and monitor results and make the necessary tweaks, updates and enhancements to optimize your results until you are blowing past your targets and goals.
(1) We can build out your Chatbot Landing Page and your TruCHAT Chatbot and host them for you on a subdomain ( ) website.

(2) You can point a custom domain name ( point it to your Chatbot Landing Page subdomain with just a few clicks.

(3) You can download the Chatbot Landing Pages from your TruCHAT Pro account and you will be provided with the HTML, CSS and JavaScript in a zip file that can be placed on your own website.
Your TruCHAT Pro account includes the Chatbot Landing Page Builder that you can use to modify any of the designs from our gallery or you can design your own from scratch. It only takes a few minutes to launch a Chatbot Landing Page on the internet. You have full control over the design of your landing page and you can modify at any way you want as often as you need. You can also build UNLIMITED number of chatbot landing pages with your account.
You can hire the skilled marketers, developers, designers and analysts here at TruCHAT for any chatbot related project. We can help you with conceptualization, design, development, implementation, integration and marketing to make your project in-budget, on-time while achieving realistic goals.

We are available for small projects all the way up to enterprise-level mission-critical applications. We have over 60 talented people on our staff.
(1) You can build them yourself using our no-code Visual Chatbot Building platform. If you know how to build a website you can build a chatbot.

(2) You can use any of our Ready-To-Go Chatbots that just need a few minor tweaks to personalize them to fit your needs. These offer you amazing level of value as these are some of the most powerful and smart chatbots used today.

(3) You can hire our professional TruCHAT Chatbot Developers to build out exactly what you need.

Custom chatbots usually start around $500 - $2000 for general chatbots that have a simple flow and data requirements.

Chatbots with lots of complexity and integrations with your CRM, Email and other third party systems usually run between $2000 - $20,000. Chatbots are made to perform and solve problems and if built correctly will deliver way more value to your company than they cost.

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