Chatbot Visual Flow Builder

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TruCHAT's Visual Flow Builder is a real difference maker when you have to get the job done right and done quickly. We built a truly powerful platform that is simple and intuitive. With its visual flow builder, your TruCHAT chatbot can be built in hours, not days or weeks as with other platforms. We incorporated time-saving features like templates, scripts, rich content components, drag & drop, and our smart chatbot validator that will make sure your chatbot works just as you envisioned it without errors.

ChatBot Visual Flow Builder

Build your scripts and flows in a highly intuitive visual way that gets 'em done in minutes.

TruCHAT's easy-to-use yet powerful visual flow builder lets you create even the most complex flows with ease.

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example of TruCHAT visual flow builder

Every step is easy.

TruCHAT chatbots can be created by anyone and mastered after just a few sessions, using our intuitive tool set.

Drag & drop to add rich content to your bot, like videos, images, audio, user input, files, and text. Drag in new steps, decision points, and actions. It's THAT easy!

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TruCHAT example of chatbot creation process

Natural Language Processing

The power of natural two-way conversation has no bounds with our NLP capabilities, artificial intelligence and machine learning engine.

Our powerful, versatile, yet easy to use intent-building system incorporates Microsoft's advanced Language Understanding Intelligent Service, or LUIS. Built on top of this system, our intent builder/editor lets your chatbot respond to the questions and utterances users can be expected to ask.

TruCHAT example of natural language processing

Unlimited chat widgets.

Build one or more widgets for each chatbot and target them to specific web pages.

Customize the design, preferences, and deployment of each chatbot widget for any implementation strategy.

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Screenshot of TruCHAT chatbot chat widget setup

All the bot-building tools you need.

TruCHAT's incredible tool set lets you build the right flows for any conversation, no matter how simple or complex.

With the TruCHAT platform, chatbot designers and developers get the best-of-breed chatbot creation and editing tools, like import/export, preview, calling scripts from intents, unanswered questions, automatic training, and much more.

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screenshot of TruCHAT bot-building tools

Advanced validation to make sure it is right!

Every step in your flow is fully validated for accuracy and completion, so you know that your chatbot flows will work.

TruCHAT's uniquely powerful chatbot validator checks your chatbot before its published to make sure there are no errors, such as orphaned steps, broken connectors, and more.

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TruCHAT screenshot of chatbot validation

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