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When you have an idea, a project underway, or an implementation that is just not delivering the ROI you need, our staff can work with you to figure out what your next move should be.

Save time, save money and most importantly, avoid all the missteps that often derail a project or take all the profit out of what you thought was a great opportunity. Please use our chatbot to start the process.

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Chatbot Business Use Analysis

Understanding exactly how a chatbot can help your business grow or solve real business challenges is the first step in determining the right chatbot direction. TruCHAT can help you analyze your business to see what main pain points and opportunities are best solved by using chatbot technology.

Chatbot Data Requirements

Determining what data is to be collected or disseminated through the chatbot will go a long way in building the right solution using chatbots. TruCHAT can review your data requirements and make the right recommendations for your chatbot project to get you the best results.

Chatbot Staffing Requirements

Chatbots are a new technology, and when implemented correctly, may lead to a significantly lower staffing need for your company. It may also create a need for very specialized staffer that will respond directly to hot leads or be responsible for optimizing the conversations that will lead to very delighted customers.

Chatbot User Voice Research

Implementing chatbots in the marketing, sales and support areas of your business greatly depends on being able to effectively communicate with your customers. TruCHAT can analyze your userbase and current communication channels to make sure that you incorporate the right voice with your chatbot.

Chatbot Design

Our chatbot designers are experts at making sure your chatbot represents your brand. In many cases, your chatbot will be the first interaction a new customer has with your business/brand. Because first impressions are so important, we want to ensure your chatbot looks and feels great to users.

Chatbot Development

We will take your concept, your pain-points, and your target goals and create a complete chatbot plan that will drive success for your company. Our experts will take a 360° view of your goals from implementation, ROI, and training, then handle it completely.

Chatbot Project Management

Creating and managing a chatbot can be a challenge. Our experts at TruCHAT have experience managing chatbot projects for both large and small companies. We will get your site up to date with the best chatbot for you and your users.

NLP Modeling

Building out your Natural Language Processing model is a very challenging task. Creating the right intents and responses are the key to having your chatbot effectively answering your customers questions fast and accurately. TruCHAT's staff are experts at this and are at your service when the time is right.

Chatbot Implementation

Chatbot implementation is not only the technical aspect of adding a chatbot to your marketing playbook, it's also about getting your customers aware and your staff familiar with it. We can handle the task completely so you can remain focused on your day-to-day business.

Conversational Content Copywriting

Having a chatbot on your site is a great start, but the key to an effective chatbot is providing the best and most helpful information to your users. We can help you develop the right content to increase customer engagement with your bot.

Chatbot Integration

Connecting your chatbot to your legacy backend systems or to your web based marketing platforms is critical in the success of your chatbot initiatives. With the assistance of TruCHAT, you can rest assured that all the data is captured and transferred to and from your chatbot properly.

Live Agent Training

Live agent training is a critical element of success. Most companies do not know how to train their customer service agents to work with chatbots. We can train your agents and show them the best ways to deal with customers who have been transferred to them.

Chatbot Support

Launching a chatbot does not mean the work is done, in fact it has only just begun. A new chatbot is a tool that will give you insight into your customers’ wants and needs like never before. From analyzing these insights to technical help, training, design, and content writing, we are here to offer you the help you need.

Chatbot Analytics

Are you making the most out of the insights being collected by your chatbot? Is the chatbot increasing conversions? Is it saving you money? Is it helping increase engagement with your customers? We understand the signals and metrics happening within your chatbots and use those to tap into what your customers want and need.

Chatbot Optimization

Every signal that your customers give you is an opportunity to lead to the further optimization of your chatbot in order to deliver better service to your next user. From unanswered questions, to dead-ends, to engagement time, we will analyze that information and make your chatbot more effective.

Chatbot ROI Analysis

If you have a chatbot, you may not know how well it is performing if you don't know which metrics to evaluate. To fully understand what chatbots can do for you it is important to understand which KPIs indicate success for your bot. Is your bot saving you money? Is it collecting new leads? We will show you where your chatbot is having the most impact.