Increase Conversions on All Email, Social and PPC Marketing Campaigns by Driving Post-click Visitors Right Into a Conversation on a Dedicated TruCHAT Chatbot Landing Page.

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Why TruCHAT Chatbot Landing Pages, Chatbot Landing Page Builder & Ready-To-Go Chatbots?

TruCHAT Chatbot Landing Page PreviewWe empower your creative and marketing teams to deliver increased ROI to your clients by giving you the right alternative to using static, boring, and underperforming landing pages. Including Chatbot Landing Pages as a standard service you provide will put you in position to win more client's business.

Please let us inspire you to what your future could look like with our Chatbot Landing Page Gallery and Ready-To-Go Chatbot Gallery. We would like the opportunity to blow you away with the opportunity - please schedule an introductory call and demo so we can show you how to partner with TruCHAT to change the game for your agency.

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We only offer one account and it has everything included.

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AI Chatbots

TruCHAT is a truly powerful and complete AI based chatbot platform. Your chatbot projects can be built fast using our Codeless Visual Builder.

Included are the most advanced chatbot tools available such as Natural Language Understanding, Live Agent Takeover, API, Lead Management, Help Desk and so much more.

Ready-To-Go Chatbots

All of our Ready-To-Go Chatbots are all available in your account to use and they will only take a few minutes to personalize to launch. You can use these as the foundation for custom chatbots thus saving you tons of time.

TruCHAT Chatbots can be deployed on any available messaging channels.

Chatbot Landing Pages

We include dozens of Chatbot Landing Page templates that you can customize with our Chatbot Landing Page Builder or you can build your page from scratch in minutes. Your Chatbot Landing Page are hosted on our servers or you can also download it to put it on your own web site account.

You will love the speed and power of our Chatbot Landing Page Builder.

Live Chat

TruCHAT Live Chat is the right solution for customer service and sales departments. Unlimited seats are included and dedicated IOS and Android mobile apps give you access everywhere.

Live Chat fully integrates with TruCHAT chatbots for live agent takeover, chatbot screening and chatbot automations.

TruCHAT Partner Program

Let's work together to do some amazing things.

Partner Program

The fastest way to change the game for your agency is to partner with the technical leader with the right vision for success. Don't sit on the sidelines and join in the chatbot game too late or in the wrong way.

TruCHAT Partners get to deliver outstanding custom conversational solutions that solve real world challenges for their clients. And, they earn lifetime revenue share $$$ too!

Join our TruCHAT Certified Partner Program today!

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Our Customers Speak Out

Empire Pharmacy Consultants Logo

Empire Pharmacy Consultants provides staffing and consulting services to pharmacies throughout the United States. We wanted to be more readily available to our clients and potential clients so we can provide a better service. The objective was to increase conversions through our website to build stronger relationships and thereby improve close rates. Since deploying TruCHAT on our site, our conversions and close rates have both increased. It has worked out so well that we are considering adding 24 hour, 7 day-per-week support for our clients via the chatbot.

Dr. Michael Chen - PharmD, CPH., CDR, President, CEO & Founder

Empire Pharmacy Consultants

Lumbermen's Logo

We immediately saw increased customer engagement after we added the TruCHAT chatbot on our website. TruCHAT has a lot of great features and lets us easily add new content to the chatbot each week. Going forward, TruCHAT will let us offer 24/7 customer service without adding staff.

Van Saliba - CEO


Yoxel Logo

As a provider of mailbox integrations for Salesforce and other CRMs, we needed to increase visitor engagement and leads from our website. TruCHAT has given us just that. Our TruCHAT chatbot gives visitors the most important information about our products. We’re now getting more leads and closing more sales, since we added a custom TruCHAT chatbot to our website.

Alexey Panteleev - Founder & CEO